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Introducing GLENVIEW:
A better way for BHPH.

Buy Here Pay Here takes a lot of capital. And a lot of dealership time and resources managing a loan portfolio.  Glenview provides BHPH growth capital and does all of the collections, reporting and portfolio management work for you.

Glenview Finance purchases Retail Installment Sales Contracts from Independent Auto Dealers, in a structure very similar to a Line of Credit:  Glenview advances up front 50% of the principal balance/amount financed and pays 40% of the full monthly payment to the selling dealer.  When paid in full a dealer will have received 90% of the principal and 40% of the interest.

MDF FNI subprime

Looking for auto finance solutions or new auto finance sources?


Or turning away customers who your managers "can't get bought" or don't have time to work? Subprime and deep subprime finance options are peaking and provide prepared dealerships with the opportunity to make a profitable deal for almost any credit profile shopper.


Contact us and visit MDF PARTNERS to connect with our auto finance sources and to create a new (or fine tune an existing), profitable special finance operation at your dealership for maximum dealer finance on every deal.

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